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About Us

Who We Are

Regional Resource & Consulting Center for:

•Education. To offer quality and informative educational programs that fight racism, assist the participant to recognize, examine personal bias, and eliminate systematic racism.

• Proposed Vaccine Site for COVID-19 and Flu.

•Mental Health Counseling for Historically U.S. Born Black Americans.

• In addition, our goal is promoting Family and Family Health Care, focus on diabetes, and diabetic health counseling. High blood pressure testing and counseling. Developing healthy men, women, and children. In addition, our goal is self-sufficiency, well-being and eliminating health disparities.

•ORCA Cards and transportation needs.

•Marriage and Family Counseling.

•Youth Counseling (Juvenile & KCYDC).

•Be Navigators for Washington Health Benefit Exchange, Washington Insurance and Health Insurance Plans.

•Crime and Recidivism. Reduction, Prevention and Rehabilitation.

•Financial Literacy and Economic Development. Job training and job creation.

Thank you to our amazing supporters and sponsors!

Mission And Vision

Our Vision

To empower youth and individuals of our local communities through the implementation of programs that address Family, Financial Literacy, Health Care, Education, Economic Development, and make them easily available to all our constituents utilizing technology and other sources.

Our Mission

To mobilize our deep concern for the desperate state of this and future generations and the breakdown of the family that plague our communities due to poor academic achievement and educational involvement, inadequate health care, financial disenfranchisement, high unemployment, and soaring crime levels.

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